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HOLMEN Round dining table, Oak, natural oil, large

Poul M. Volther




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Materiale:Oak, natural oil
Sale price€6.660,00 EUR
Delivery time: 6 weeks
round dining table, oak natural oil
HOLMEN - Round dining table, Oak, natural oil, large Sale price€6.660,00 EUR


Clean lines, timeless design and sustainable material. These are three of the factors we work from when we design our dining tables. When you choose a dining table from MAKE nordic, you get a handmade table in sustainable oak. The oak is FSC certified, and this is your guarantee that the wood has been felled with respect for nature, people and animals.

MAKE a difference

"We strive to create furniture of high design quality, with great consideration for the environment, and with the smallest possible footprint on our shared earth. Because if there is something that follows us for a long time in this life, it is our furniture. When we produce the furniture in good quality, and take good care of them, they can last for many years and perhaps be passed down for generations. That way, we can perhaps make a small difference and minimize the buy-and-throw-away mentality."

- Line Olesen, Founder

Poul M. Volther

Poul M. Volther (1923-2001) belongs to a generation of popular Danish architects who have deep roots in good craftsmanship.

Poul M. Volther's style was based on Scandinavian functionalism, which with a modern twist found a middle ground between the Bauhaus style and the classical, practical work. In doing so, he avoided being caught up in various short-lived trends, where he instead designed works that could keep people spellbound by their beauty across time. The Corona chair is a good example of this. The Corona chair is by far Poul M. Volther's best-known piece of furniture. He is also behind a large number of other well-known Danish furniture classics, including the cane chairs, where you can see that the strictly logical design with great focus on both the sitting experience and the construction of the chair, is mixed with a unique modern look and a flair for color and organic thinking.

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Poul M. Volther