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PRIMETIME inspiration

PRIMETIME armchair


The PRIMETIME armchair is truly made for the best moments. It was born after the designer, Tom Stepp, became the father of a little girl. He needed a place where he could sit and enjoy a cozy moment at the end of the day with his daughter. He therefore designed the PRIMETIME armchair, with room for two. Here there is also room to find immersion and presence with your children, or disappear completely into the world of books. Perfectly suited for the best time of day.

The furniture was previously sold by Fredericia Furniture, but has now been taken over by MAKE nordic. The PRIMETIME armchair has been optimized so that the timeless expression of the past meets the comfort of the future.


The PRIMETIME armchair can be customized so that it fits perfectly into your particular home.

FSC-certified oak

The wood we use for the PRIMETIME armchair comes from FSC®-certified forests (FSC® N002763), and you can choose between food-lacquered or black-lacquered oak veneer. The paint is water-based to maintain a good indoor climate and avoid unnecessary strain on the environment. The lacquer has a matte finish and helps to keep your furniture beautiful for many years, without the need for extra care. Please remove spilled liquid as soon as possible with a dry or hard-wrung cloth, otherwise it can penetrate and damage the surface.

Swivel foot several variants

The swivel base of the PRIMETIME armchair is available in both brushed and black-painted steel.

Cushions that hug you

The soft cushions in the PRIMETIME armchair are filled with down, while the seat has a core of cold foam. They can be covered with several different textiles or leather. If you want other textiles or colors than what we have available on the website, please contact us.

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Like several of our pieces of furniture, the PRIMETIME armchair is also made of wood from FSC®-certified forests (FSC® N002763). This gives you the assurance that no more trees are felled than the forest can reproduce, and that the people who work in the forest, as well as the animals, are respected during the process.

All the furniture textiles you can choose from us are certified with either the Swan label, the EU flower or Oeko-tex or are made from recycled materials. This is for the sake of both the environment and your health. The soft cushions have a firm core of cold foam and a soft down layer.

The designer - Tom Stepp

Tom Stepp is among the most recognized designers Denmark has, and has won several awards for his strong and functional craftsmanship.

He was born in 1950, and has a wide range of impressive, practical educations, such as building technician, building designer and architect from the Academy of Fine Arts in Copenhagen. All these various inputs have shaped his personal expression, which is best described as modern functionalism.

With his versatile background, Tom Stepp has a solid platform to work from. This gives him unique insights into what works on a practical level. You can thus also see that furniture design from Tom Stepp is varied design that "has both feet on the ground", but at the same time also radiates an understated beauty that Scandinavian design is known for.

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Your personal armchair

You choose entirely yourself how your armchair should look. You get, among other things, a large selection of textiles and colors to choose from when designing your PRIMETIME armchair. What should YOUR chair look like?