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At MAKE nordic, we attach great importance to environmentally certified and health-labeled materials, as it is essential for us to limit our footprint. At the same time, it is important to us that you and your loved ones can safely use our furniture.

When you choose certified materials, you also choose environmentally friendly furniture. Then you help take care of nature, the environment, your family and yourself. Environmentally friendly furniture can be many things. They can be responsibly produced and they can consist of certified materials. Regardless of whether your furniture has one of the environmental certifications, or whether it is manufactured with less use of water and plastic, it must of course also fit in with your interior design. So choose your furniture with your heart, with your stomach, with your mind or with your eyes. Just what feels right to you. Because in this way you also extend the life of your furniture.

On this page you can read more about our certifications.

FSC®-Certified wood

At MAKE nordic, wood is the supporting element in our furniture constructions, and with that naturally comes a responsibility to choose wood from responsible forestry. Therefore, more than 90% of our collection is FSC-certified (FSC® N002763).

FSC (Forest Stewardship Council®) is a global labeling scheme for wood, paper and other cellulose-based materials that aims to safeguard nature, as well as the people who work in and depend on it.

With FSC, for example, you are ensured that no more wood is felled than the forest can reproduce, at the same time that the forest workers have access to training, safety equipment and decent wages. FSC is also the only global labeling scheme that has broad support from green organizations such as WWF, Greenpeace and Verdens Skove.

read more about the FSC certification


When you order chairs from MAKE nordic, you can choose to have them covered with Swan label® Dunes leather from Sørensen Læder. The quality is top notch, the surface is beautiful, soft and delicious. This also means that the leather is totally untreated. It therefore acquires a patina and only becomes even more beautiful with time.

Environmentally friendly textiles and cold foam

The cold foam inside our furniture has a leading health label. The same applies to the fabric and textiles we cover the furniture with. They are all either Oeko-tex certified, EU flower ecolabelled or made from recycled materials.

The labels set stricter requirements for the content of substances harmful to health than the legislation does - and we would like to take the extra precautions for your health. For example, this means that our furniture foam (cold foam) and textiles are free of brominated flame retardants, which are suspected of being highly endocrine-disrupting, and for this labeling it also applies that the closer the product comes to the body, the more stringent the requirements are for the chemicals used .

The requirements for the content also follow developments in medical research, so that the labeling is always in step with the latest knowledge. Ask for the markings on cold foam and textiles when choosing your furniture. We are happy to help you get the cleanest and most sustainable products.

EU blomsten – Furniture

EU-Blomsten is the official European eco-label. The whole is essential in relation to the EU Flower, and the certification is a holistic perspective on the product's overall environmental impact and therefore deals with all relevant phases in the product's life cycle, from raw materials and production to disposal and recycling. Products that are certified with the EU-Blomsten therefore have a limited environmental impact. EU-Blomsten also sets high requirements for the chemical content of the products - both for the sake of the consumers' health and for the environment.

In order for a product to be marked with the EU-Blomsten, the product must go through a comprehensive certification process at Environmental Labeling Denmark - with documentation and checks that it meets the set requirements. When you choose a product marked with the EU Flower, you can therefore – regardless of which product you choose – be sure that it is among the environmentally best in its category. You thus protect the environment and drive production and product development in a more sustainable direction.

Sustainability is, among other things, about a cradle-to-cradle consideration and about the environmental impact of the products. It is essential for MAKE nordic. We endeavor to the extent possible that our products can be labeled with the EU Flower. We constantly collaborate with our suppliers in the area of sustainability, and have an ambition that our FSC®-certified wooden furniture can be labeled with the EU Flower in the near future.