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Architect-designed designer chairs

A good chair must both be beautiful and at the same time good to sit in. That is why we only have architect-designed chairs in the collection. In this way, we ensure that everything is thought through down to the smallest detail. The back must have the right height, the seat the right angle, and the upholstery must be suitable, so that you can sit in your designer chair for hours. And of course the style must suit your home, so you can enjoy your designer chairs every day. An architect-designed chair often has an expression that lasts for many years. We call that sustainable design. When you buy a designer chair, you also want to take care of it, so that it may last the rest of your life and be inherited. And it is extremely sustainable that we do not change our furniture constantly. Architect-designed chairs have a much higher average lifespan than other chairs. All the designer chairs at MAKE nordic are Danish designer chairs, which are made from FSC-certified oak, and can be chosen in both black and matte lacquered wood. They are handmade by skilled cabinetmakers in the best materials. You will not regret your purchase of a Danish design chair.

Who is the designer behind the chairs?

We have an exclusive selection of stylish designer chairs, and our collection includes chairs by Danish designers such as Poul M. Volther, Esben Pilgaard Jørgensen and Tom Stepp. They are all recognized designers from Denmark, who over many years have developed chairs in beautiful, Scandinavian design.

What wood are the chairs made of?

All the chairs at MAKE nordic are handmade in oak from FSC-certified forests, and the wood can be chosen in both black and matte lacquered wood. Architect-designed wooden chairs have, on average, a much longer lifespan than other chairs due to the high quality of the materials and the handmade design.

A chair is not just a chair. It must be both beautiful to look at and comfortable to sit in. For that reason, we have several architect-designed chairs that are aesthetically pleasing with high lateral comfort. Our designer chairs are produced from sustainable materials, and can all be chosen in either black or matte oak, so that they fit perfectly into your home. There are several designer chairs in our range, such as the GOLIAT armchair and the J111 dining table chair designed by Poul M. Volther and the PRIMETIME armchair by Tom Stepp.