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Lamps are more than just a light source

An architect-designed lamp combines functionality with a stylish design. At MAKE nordic, we have a large selection of lamps in Nordic design that fit into any decor. Lamps are much more than just a light source, because light forms the framework for the atmosphere of the home. In addition, an architect-designed lamp is a work of art, which will certainly create lots of eye-catchers in your home. Go exploring here on the site and find just the right lamp for your home at MAKE nordic.

An architect-designed lamp for any room

Every room in the home needs a lamp, and different types of lamps each serve a different purpose. At MAKE nordic we have lamps for every room and every location, so whether you are looking for a pendant, floor lamp, wall lamp, table lamp or an outdoor lamp, you will find it here on the site.

The lamps all have their own function, and therefore there can be a big difference in which lamp you need in the living room, kitchen, bathroom, bedroom, terrace and garden respectively. At the same time, the same lamp can also be used in several rooms, where it gives a very different expression, depending on the location and the decor of which it becomes a part.

Lamps form the framework for the atmosphere of the home

A lamp is certainly not an indifferent decision, because a lamp must be both functional, provide a pleasant light that suits the location, and also be aesthetically pleasing in your home. The lamps are just as important as any other piece of furniture in your interior, and therefore it can be a good idea to choose a lamp that helps to create a consistent design expression in the interior.

Lamps also have an important role to play in terms of setting the mood in the room. A cool light creates a completely different expression in the room than a warm, golden light, and therefore lamps have a great impact on the atmosphere in the room.

Danish design lamps with a minimalist look

At MAKE nordic, we currently offer two lamp series - Oblique and Eggy.

The Oblique series was designed by Danish Tom Stepp in 1979. Oblique is available in the models floor lamp, wall lamp and table lamp, all of which are available in eight different colors with either steel or brass rods. Common to all the lamps in the series is the timeless and elegant design, which will stand or hang beautifully in the modern home.

With Oblique, you yourself have a great influence on the look of the lamp, because you can mix one of the eight shades with either brass or steel and thus create the combination that emphasizes your style in the best way.

The Eggy series was designed by Guglielmo Berchicci and is available in the models floor lamp, floor lamp, table lamp, ceiling lamp and outdoor lamp. Common to the models of the lamp series is the clean and minimalist design and the soft, pleasant lighting.

Find your architect-designed lamp at MAKE nordic

Are you looking for a new floor lamp for the living room, a table lamp for the bedside table in the bedroom or a ceiling lamp above the dining table? At MAKE nordic, you will find beautiful and stylish designer lamps in the best quality, which both provide a pleasant light and are created in an architect-designed design that will certainly decorate the home.

If you are looking for a minimalist lamp for your home, take a look at the selection of lamps on this page. If you have any questions about our lamps or other products, please contact us on tel. +45 29 10 38 or write an email to