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We spend a lot of time around the dining table, which is why a good dining table chair must be both beautiful and comfortable to sit in. Our architect-designed dining table chairs are designed to be timeless, so that they fit into your decor for many years - perhaps your new, beautiful dining table chairs will even be passed down to the next generation. See our selection of aesthetic designer dining chairs on this page.

Aesthetic dining table chairs in good Danish design

All of our architect-designed dining table chairs are thought through down to the smallest detail. You can therefore be sure that all details on the dining table chair are completely accurate, the materials are solid and the expression is aesthetic, so you can spend hours in your designer dining table chair.

With dining table chairs from MAKE nordic you get top quality. Our architects think through, develop and design your dining table chairs so that they are absolutely perfect - both in terms of expression and materials.

Designer dining table chairs from MAKE nordic are Danish design at its best, and our dining table chairs meet all requirements, wishes and norms within Danish architecture.

Designer dining table chairs with and without backrests

Our range of designer dining chairs includes both dining chairs with and without backrests, and there are both advantages and disadvantages to both dining chairs.

Dining table chairs with backrests

Our designer dining chairs with backrests are aesthetic and classic, and at the same time they are developed in a new-thinking, innovative way. All dimensions in designer dining chairs with backrests are carefully measured and designed so that you sit comfortably in the dining chair.

The advantage of choosing a dining table chair with a backrest is that you can relax your back and body when you sit in the designer dining table chair.

Dining table chairs without backrests

At MAKE nordic, we have developed dining table chairs without backrests - practical, aesthetic and modern. Designer dining chairs without backrests and dining benches are becoming more and more popular, as they are both practical, simple and beautiful.

With designer dining table chairs without backrests, you get a functional solution for dining table chairs. You can easily move the dining table chairs around the entire home or place the dining table chair against the wall so that it does not take up unnecessary space.

In addition, an advantage of designer dining chairs without backrests is that you automatically get a better and healthier posture, which protects your back.

Designer dining table chairs with and without armrests

Our designer dining table chairs come both with and without armrests - and both versions of dining table chairs each have their own advantages.

Dining table chairs with armrests

If you choose designer dining table chairs with armrests, you get aesthetic dining table chairs with a classic look. It can be comfortable to rest your arms on the armrest of the dining chair when you sit down for a long time.

Dining table chairs without armrests

Designer dining table chairs without armrests are also a beautiful and aesthetic choice of dining table chairs. In addition, it is often practical to choose dining table chairs without armrests, as they take up less space around the table.

Sustainable dining table chairs in good materials

Sustainability and concern for the environment are part of the considerations when our architects design dining table chairs. The wood in the dining table chairs is FSC certified. This means that the dining table chairs are globally recognized for being sustainable - both when it comes to the materials in the dining table chairs and the people who work in nature.

The environmentally friendly production of our designer dining chairs combined with the long life makes a dining chair from MAKE nordic a sustainable choice.

Find your architect-designed dining table chairs at MAKE nordic

At MAKE nordic, we have collected aesthetic dining table chairs that can put the finishing touch on your dining room. Both functionality and expression have been thought through down to the smallest detail, and you will love your designer dining table chairs for many years into the future.

If you have any questions about our dining table chairs, you are more than welcome to contact us by email or telephone +45 29 10 38 00.

You can also visit our showrooms in either Aarhus or Copenhagen and see, feel and feel the designer dining chairs between your hands. We would love to help you on your way.