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BASECAMP XL Small open end left chaiselounge, 2 modules, 160x250cm




Select upholstery Re-wool Beige nr. 218
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Sale price€3.430,00 EUR
Delivery time: 8 weeks
BASECAMP XL Small open end - left chaiselounge, 2 modules, 160x250cm Sale price€3.430,00 EUR

Basecamp modular sofa

A dream sofa for your home

BASECAMP is a soft and sleek sofa with fixed upholstered modules in many sizes and shapes that can be combined in hundreds of ways. Use the modules together or individually, and play with the possibilities you get with the BASECAMP modules. They are indeed beautiful from all sides and can stand freely in a room or together as a classic sofa. Choose a standard model or MAKE your own.

BASECAMP is handcrafted for you from wood from FSCⓇ-certified forests and high-elasticity Oeko-tex cold foam, ensuring extra good comfort and long durability.

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A world of fabrics

What suits your personal decor best? All our textiles and colors are carefully selected, so you are assured good quality and a very high wear resistance, regardless of whether you go for bouclé, classic wool, soft velvet or recycled materials. All the textiles are tested for all harmful chemicals and PFAS, as they are environmentally labeled with the EU Flower or are STANDARD 100 by OEKO-TEX® certified.

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"We strive to create furniture of high design quality, with great consideration for the environment, and with the smallest possible footprint on our shared earth. Because if there is something that follows us for a long time in this life, it is our furniture. When we produce the furniture in good quality, and take good care of them, they can last for many years and perhaps be passed down for generations. That way we can perhaps make a small difference and minimize the buy-and-throw-away mentality"

- Line Olesen, Founder