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The sustainable chair, GOLIATH by Poul M. Volther


The beautiful durable chair GOLIAT was designed by Poul. M. Volther in 1953. The chair was exhibited at Snedkernes Autumn Exhibition, where it won a prize and then went into oblivion. It has so far only been produced in a few copies and was found by chance by the designer's son at a Swedish auction many years later.

A unique and sustainable chair by Poul M. Volther sees the light of the day

The durable Danish piece of furniture craftsmanship represents a time when craftsmanship merged with the smell of freshly sawn wood. The design and the pencil lines on the original drawings have proven to be timeless, and with its beautiful, sculptural and aesthetic lines, it will decorate the homes that value timeless design and a craftsmanship that has its roots in the Danish furniture golden age.

Poul M. Volther's GOLIAT has a beautiful, minimalist look and surprisingly high seating comfort. The sustainable chair can stand alone with its stylish lines, but it can also be very easily combined with other furniture to create a varied and personal expression.

There is no doubt that the sustainable chair GOLIAT will make a positive contribution to any room with its unique and beautiful design language. GOLIAT is a sustainable chair that is Danish-produced in sustainable FSC certified solid oak. Included are three sustainable cushions in Oeko-tex cold foam with a beautiful, removable fabric cover and leather cords for attachment. It is possible to choose from many different fabric variants in both contemporary designs and timeless colours.

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Meet the designer of the sustainable chair Poul M. Volther

Poul M. Volther's style was based on Scandinavian functionalism, which with a modern twist found a middle ground between the Bauhaus style and the classic practical work. In doing so, he avoided being caught up in various short-lived trends, where he instead designed works that could keep people spellbound by their beauty across time.

The Corona chair is a good example of this. The Corona chair is by far Poul M Volther's best-known piece of furniture. He is also behind a large number of other well-known Danish furniture classics, including the cane chairs, where you can see that the strictly logical design with great focus on both the sitting experience and the construction of the chair, is mixed with a unique modern look and a flair for color and organic thinking.

Poul M. Volther was originally trained as a cabinetmaker. He furthered his education at the School of Artisans, where he taught for many years at what is today Denmark's Design School. Here he left his mark on hundreds of young furniture architects' sense of the quality of craftsmanship.

In 1949, he was employed at FDB's design studio with the help of the well-known Hans Wegner. Here he first worked under Børge Mogensen until 1959, when Mogensen left FDB and Volther became leader.

Poul M. Volther's style was simple, functional and beautiful. Which has resulted in a large number of his design classics finding their way into many thousands of Danish homes, where they are still seen today.