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How to take care of your sofa

A sofa is an investment that must be part of our home for many years. And when we spend so much money on a piece of furniture, it is important to take care of it so that it can stay nice for as long as we have it. A sofa is also a very central piece of furniture in many homes, and is therefore also used a lot. And regardless of whether it is to be used by children with greasy fingers, for Fridays with red wine and a party or Sundays with log pizza and coke, there are some things that are important to remember when you want to keep your sofa looking good for many years.

4 things you must remember when you want to keep your sofa looking good

1. Vacuum your couch weekly

Although it is not always visible to the naked eye, your sofa collects dust and dirt. It is therefore important to vacuum it once a week, when you give the floors a go anyway. However, remember to change the heads of the vacuum cleaner so that you do not damage the fabric. It is also important to remove dirt and dust between the modules. So feel free to separate the modules in between, and give this part of the sofa some love too – it will pay off in the end. And it's always a good idea to knock the cushions when you're at it - the vacuum cleaner doesn't always get it all.

2. Remove the stain immediately – and take your time

If there is an accident, it is important that you remove the stain immediately. If you leave it on, it will be more difficult to remove and therefore the result will not be the same. When working to remove the stain, take your time to do it properly. Unfortunately, it cannot be done in 5 minutes. It takes some work to remove the stain completely and to avoid scars.

3. Create more good spots in your sofa - and don't sit on the armrest!

Do you also have a favorite place where you always sit on your sofa? It is always nice to have fixed seats on the sofa, but the fixed seats also mean that over time you will be able to both see and feel which part of the sofa is always being used. So feel free to create several good spots in the sofa if you want to avoid wearing out one module more than another. And don't sit on the armrest...

4. Create some framework for how the sofa should be used - and not used

When you have invested in your dream sofa, it is also perfectly okay to set some framework for how the sofa should be used - and not used. It's perfectly okay to say that food belongs at the dining table, that shoes must be placed in the hall and that you don't jump on the sofa. It will all help to give your sofa a longer and more beautiful life - and we promise that the coziness will not disappear for that reason. On the contrary.