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UGO stool

Piet Hein




Material and finish:SPOOR Leather Black
Sale price€250,00 EUR
Delivery time: 1 week
UGO - stool Sale price€250,00 EUR

Danish design stools


At MAKE nordic, we have stools in a timeless and classic design, designed by a number of renowned designers. The designers behind the various stools in our collection are Danish Tom Stepp, Piet Hein and Poul M. Volther and the Norwegian designer Jennifer Cena.

MAKE a difference

"We strive to create furniture of high design quality, with great consideration for the environment, and with the smallest possible footprint on our shared earth. Because if there is something that follows us for a long time in this life, it is our furniture. When we produce the furniture in good quality, and take good care of them, they can last for many years and perhaps be passed down for generations. That way, we can perhaps make a small difference and minimize the buy-and-throw-away mentality."

- Line Olesen, Founder

Piet Hein

What was fundamentally special about Piet Hein was the way in which he managed to unite what is artistic and subjective with what is scientific and objective. For most people there is a big gap between precisely the artistic and the scientific, but not for Piet Hein. He developed throughout his life as both an artist and a scientist, due to his studies in both art, philosophy and theoretical physics.

For almost sixty years, Piet Hein created poems, art, design and architecture.

Piet Hein said about his work:

"Art is the solution to the problems that cannot be formulated clearly until they are solved"

He sought an absolutely harmonious design, and with his mathematical intuition came up with what made him world famous - SUPERELLIPSE®. SUPERELLIPSE® is a harmonious geometric figure which resolves the dual relationship between square and circle, and rectangle and ellipse. It is a figure that has been used for many things over time, from furniture design to building activities and road networks. And of course also in the elegant UGO series from MAKE nordic.

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Piet Hein