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Ordering process


Below you can read more about what happens when you have placed your order for your new sofa with us, and how you can best receive, collect and look after it. Care and maintenance are important if you want to enjoy the furniture for many years to come.

Step by step, below you can learn more about what happens when you order your new sofa from MAKE nordic:

1. Your order is received:

When you order your new sofa from us, we reserve the amount for your order on your account. The money is therefore not withdrawn immediately, and is only withdrawn about a week before your sofa is ready to be delivered to you.

2. Order confirmation:

Shortly after you have completed the purchase of your new sofa, you will receive an order confirmation in your inbox. Remember to check your spam filter if you have not received an order confirmation. It is always a good idea to look through the order confirmation to make sure everything is as it should be. Please contact us as soon as possible if you have any questions or changes to your order.

3. Delivery date:

When your new sofa is ready for delivery, you will be contacted by our external delivery company via SMS with a delivery date. You naturally have the option to change the delivery day if the day does not suit you. Then if you want another delivery day, you just have to call the number you receive in the text message.


In the text message you receive, you will find a link. This link will be activated on the day your sofa is delivered, and it will be possible for you to follow your sofa in real time, while the delivery time is constantly being shortened. 15-30 minutes before delivery you will be contacted by the driver. The text message also states which delivery method you have chosen when ordering. If this is incorrect, please call the number provided in the text message.

5. delivery

When your new sofa is delivered, it will be delivered to the nearest kerb. We therefore recommend that there are two people to receive the sofa so that you can carry it in yourself. BASECAMP is delivered in separate modules, and it will be easier for you to carry them in if you first take the modules out of the box. However, wait to remove the plastic protection until you have got the sofa in place, so that you take care of the fabric while carrying it in. If you have chosen our delivery service, the modules will be delivered to the nearest room of the home. It is important that the entrance/hallway is cleared so that it is possible to pass by. Also note that for safety reasons the driver must not take off his shoes during the delivery. It is therefore a good idea to prepare with a base for delicate floors.

6. assembly and packaging

The sofa modules are packaged in plastic and cardboard. And in order to take good care of the environment, it is therefore important that the waste is sorted correctly.

7. care and maintenance

Care and maintenance are important for your new sofa to have a long life.

8. Time to enjoy

We hope that you will take care of your new sofa so that you can enjoy it for many years to come!