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Assembly guide BASECAMP

How to assemble your BASECAMP sofa currently:

  • Place a blanket or similar over the first module to protect the wall and sofa when the modules are pushed together.
  • Push the first module up against a solid wall. It is important that the wall can withstand you pushing the modules together up against it.
  • Pull out the module's crocodile bracket from under the bottom.
  • Push the next module towards the first - but not completely together yet - and check that the brackets are right opposite each other.
  • Now push the modules all the way together and give them an extra hard push so that there are no gaps between the modules. Are the modules assembled crooked?
  • Give the module a push from the back or front so that it comes into place and sits straight.
  • Now repeat the process with the remaining modules until the sofa is completely assembled.
  • Finally, massage the upholstery into place, as this may have pushed when the sofa was packed .
  • Repeat the process until the upholstery fits properly on your sofa.
  • Enjoy your sofa!

Are your modules not fully assembled?

The modules may be more difficult to assemble the first time you push them together. It may therefore be necessary to give the modules an extra hard push so that the crocodile grips reach an extra notch.

It may even be necessary to sit on the floor with your back against the module to give your push a little extra power the first time you assemble your sofa.

Are your modules assembled crooked?

When you assemble the modules, you can easily end up pushing them together crookedly. But don't worry - it's easy as a breeze to get the modules aligned.

Just give the module a few hard pushes on the back or the bottom of the front module to align it in place. Continue with less pushing until the module finally stands as it should.

Is there still a gap between the modules?

The upholstery on your sofa may have moved as the modules have been packed and shipped. We therefore recommend always massaging the upholstery into place when you receive your BASECAMP modular sofa.

As you can see in the video, the padding can actually be moved a lot when you massage both modules into place.

You can repeat this exercise as needed.

Does the saddle sit crooked?

The mattress on your sofa, like the rest of the upholstery, can easily have pushed itself when the module has been packed up and sent to you. Therefore, it may be necessary to massage the tendon into place as well.

What may look like a crooked sofa can be easily straightened by simply massaging the module's upholstery and boring into place. Just watch the small video as an example here.

How to disassemble the modules

Fortunately, it is easy both to take the modules apart and to assemble them again, as the sofa will always be harder to assemble the first time you do it.

To separate the modules, you simply stand with the front facing the sofa and touch the module on the far right. Lift the module straight up into the air until the crocodile grips release (approx. 10-20 cm).

It may be necessary to repeat the movement from the back of the sofa as well, as there are two alligator clips under the modules, both of which must be loosened.