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Architect-designed furniture for your home

At MAKE nordic you will find architect-designed furniture in high quality and in sustainable materials. A large part of the furniture collection is Danish produced and handmade in collaboration with Danish and European cabinetmakers and suppliers. Our Danish-produced furniture is manufactured less than 25 km away from MAKE nordic's office in Esbjerg at Kvist Industries. An architect-designed piece of furniture is often well thought out down to the smallest detail, and with us you can be sure that both the quality and the design will last for many years. When the architect-designed furniture is long-lasting, it is also sustainable. You don't need to replace them as often. Architect-designed furniture such as The GOLIAT and PRIMETIME chairs are of such high quality that they can last for many years and be passed down to the next generations. In addition, the furniture is made from sustainable materials and has several certificates behind it, such as FSC, Oeko-tex and the EU flower. The chairs and the HOLMEN table are Danishly produced, and the solid oak staves for the table are hand-sorted by skilled cabinetmakers, so that the quality and expression are top notch. If you want to be sure that your architect-designed furniture will last for many years, you must of course take good care of it. And if you do, they will reward you with a beautiful patina, as natural materials do in high quality.

At MAKE nordic, we take pride in offering architect-designed furniture that you can have in your home through trends. Our range consists of a wide range of Danish-produced furniture, which is made from the best raw materials, with you and the planet in mind. Our heart beats for architect-designed and sustainable furniture that can be passed down from generation to generation, and hopefully last forever. Among our furniture you can find Danish design classics such as the GOLIAT armchair and the J111 dining table chair by Poul M. Volther, as well as the UBÆBENKEN and the PRIMETIME armchair by Tom Stepp, and many, many more.