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Wooden dining tables

Clean lines, timeless design and sustainable material. These are three of the factors we work from when we design our dining tables.

When you choose a dining table from the HOLMEN series at MAKE nordic, you get a handmade table in sustainable oak. The oak is FSC certified, and this is your guarantee that the wood has been felled with respect for nature, people and animals.

Wooden dining tables with extension

The dining table is a meeting point and often here, where we can open up the good conversations and look the family members in the eyes in a busy everyday life. Therefore, it is also important to consider what the function and needs are around your dining table, so that you end up with the right one.

If you want a dining table where it is possible to have conversations across the board, you should look at a round table. If, on the other hand, you want it to be easy to gather many seats around the table, a square table might fit better.

For our architect-designed dining tables from the HOLMEN series, it is possible to purchase additional plates, so you can always expand the table for large parties.

There are basically 3 important questions you can ask yourself:

  • How big should the table top and frame be?
  • Should the table be oiled with natural or white oil?
  • Do you need additional plates and how many?

Buy your handmade dining table from MAKE nordic

HOLMEN dining table is Danish design, which is also handmade in Denmark. The designer table is made of high quality and sustainable materials, which can last for many years with the right care and maintenance.

The table is characterized by fine markings from the grain of the wood, and this also helps to make each table completely unique. At the same time, the design and expression can be implemented in any interior style, where quality and design play a decisive role.

Take a look at our dining tables right here on the page and find the classic design that should be in your home.

Hvilket træ kan man vælge spisebordene i?

The dining tables in the HOLMEN series are handmade in oak from FSC-certified forests. This means that the tree is felled with respect for both nature, people, animal and plant life. Wood is a natural material, and therefore each table will be unique, each with its fine markings from the grain of the wood.

What dimensions can you get the additional plates in?

We have additional plates for both the round and rectangular HOLMEN table. For the round dining table, you can get additional plates in measurements that match the table you choose. The additional plates are 50 cm in width and from 100-150 cm in length. For the rectangular HOLMEN dining table, you can get additional plates measuring 45 cm in width and from 72-112 cm in length.